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Skin cancer is occurring in epidemic proportions worldwide and we're seeing an alarming number of skin cancers right here in Orange County.  Dr. Green excises about 1000 skin cancers a year.

  • Skin cancer is most common cancer in the United States
  • Melanoma, the most aggressive and lethal form of skin cancer, is increasing at a faster rate than any other form of cancer.
  • Melanoma is also the most common form of cancer to affect men and women age 25 to 29.
  • Skin cancer is virtually 100% preventable.

Sunlight is overwhelmingly the culprit in the vast majority of skin cancers.  However, tanning beds have now also become a significant cause of skin cancer.  It is believed that the increasing rates of melanoma are likely due to the millions of Americans who frequent tanning parlors.  Claims that tanning beds are safe are comparable to the tobacco inductry claiming for years that smkoing was safe.  Tanning parlors potentially can be even more dangerous than natural sunlight because people can do it easily all year round; rain or shine.

So how much sun is safe?  Unfortunately, there is no safe amount.  All sulight exposure is comulative.

And remember this.  A tan is nothing more than a defense mechanism your skin uses to protect itself like a shield from the harmful radiation from sunlight.

What about Vitamin D?  Ten to fifteen minutes of sunlight two to three times a week would give you adequate Vitamin D.  However, even this isn't necessary as it is easier and safer to just take a daily Vitamin D3 supplement.

Of course we live in Southern California and most enjoy an outdorr lifestyle.  And that's fine.  Just be smart and wear sunscreem and protective clothing.

And most importantly, people should know that today's sunscreens are safe and effective.  Almost all work well.  If sunscreens fail it's usually due to under application or failure to reapply.  The correct amount of sunscreen, if doing a total body application, would be the size of a golfball.  And it's best to reapply sunscreen every two hours.

And remember it's always a good idea to have a check up with a dermatologist.  Skin cancer is 100% curable if caught early.





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